What Luck!

What could be worse than coming home from a long day of missionary work in the beautiful city of Bogotá, in the pouring rain, than getting off the elevator and dropping your keys down the elevator shaft!!!????!!!! His only set! Eight stories up! Noooooo! The keys caught on a tiny lip and were dangeling dangerously about 5 feet down. We could see them through a tiny 1/2″ crack! Haha! I can’t believe he got them! Our neighbor found a wire coat hanger that  barely reached and it worked! img_7173 img_7174 img_7175 img_7176 img_7177 img_7178 img_7179 img_7180 img_7181 img_7182 img_7183 img_7184Someone must be living right!

Hello Morristown New Jersey!

Twenty-five years ago, my husband, Bob, finished medical school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and we moved next door to Morristown, New Jersey where he would do a 3 year residency in Emergency Medicine at UMD (in Newark!!!  Yikes!).  When we arrived in NJ, we had 2 children and left with 3!  We all loved living in Morristown!  It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been!  We had wonderful friends and have wonderful memories and great love for the people of New Jersey!

A few weeks ago, we received a letter from the Stake President of the Morristown, New Jersey Stake, President Bruce D. Jones, asking us, along with other mission presidents from South America, if we would make a short video to show at their upcoming stake fiesta!

So, during a multi-zone conference in Bucaramanga, Colombia, with iPad in hand, we gathered mission zones Barrancabermeja, Terrazas & Bucaramanga and let them go!  Even though they weren’t quite sure what to do or say, They had a lot of fun!  Thank you President Jones and Morristown Stake!  We love you and we miss you!

President and Hermana Laney,

Mission Colombia, Bogota North