Mina de Sal de Nemocón ~ July 25, 2017


In Colombia, the history of salt is a history of power.

This marvelous Salt Mine is over 500 years old. It is located in Nemocón, a small town on the center of the savanna, 65 kms from Bogota.  It is the second largest salt mine in Colombia.  The Salt Mine is 80 meters (263 feet) underground.

The mine’s tunnels and chambers have been preserved, allowing visitors to learn about the history of Colombia’s salt mining industry.

There are 1,600 meters of tunnels through which between 1816 and 1968 about 8 million tons of salt were extracted. The mine’s tunnels and chambers have been preserved, allowing visitors to learn about the history of Colombia’s salt mining industry while they take in the spectacular saline formations.Founded by Spanish settlers in 1537, the town of Nemocón in Colombia earned fame for its highly productive salt mine. Between 1816 and 1968, some 8 million tons of salt were extracted from the mine via a process of collecting water from the salt spring in clay vessels and allowing the liquid to evaporate.
Since 1801 man began to extract salt on a large scale with the traditional system of chambers and pillars.Inside the mine, we can see the working conditions and daily lives of salt miners. This small church (The Virgen Carmen Chapel) within the salt mines, holds Catholic mass each Sunday.  Most miners attend the chapel daily.Within the mine’s chambers, there are 28 natural mirrors of brine or “brine mirrors” (ancient saturation tanks),  in the dissolved salt rocks which produce a stunning visual effect. The control of salt production was a major source of political power for indigenous administrations to the Spanish conquistadors, and finally to the new state after achieving independence from Spain in 1819.The Heart Chamber is the biggest piece of salt crystal in the world.  It weighs 3,527 pounds (1.600 Kg) and was carved into the shape of a heart by Miguel Sánchez in the 1960’s

“Los 33”

On August 5, 2010, 33 miners became trapped when Chile’s San Jose mine collapsed. Over the next 69 days, the world watched and waited until all were brought to safety.

HALF a mile underground, the stifling cave could easily have been their tomb.

The movie “Los 33” was  filmed at this location in Nemocón, Colombia.  The entire cast and crew lived there for about 2 months. The Salt Cascade

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  1. The salt mine is beautiful. We recently watched “The 33” and enjoyed it very much. Your pictures and blog help families feel so connected to what our children are experiencing. Thank you for all the efforts and love that go into this blog.

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